Assistant Front Office Manager, Marriott International Shillong, Jail Road, Police Bazar

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Assistant Front Office Manager: Marriott International

Job Summary

Assists the front office manager oversee employees and manage front office operations on a daily basis. The front desk, guest services, and switchboard are the areas that make up the front office. To provide a smooth check-in and check-out process, the position oversees and collaborates with management and staff to implement procedures. guarantees the happiness of both visitors and staff while optimising the department’s financial performance.

Full job description
Job Number24046517
Job CategoryRooms & Guest Services Operations
Location Courtyard Shillong, Jail Road, Police Bazar, Shillong, Meghalaya, India VIEW ON MAP
Located Remotely? N
Position Type Management

Candidate’s background

Experience and Education

  • Two years of experience working in guest services, front desk, or a related professional capacity; a high school diploma or GED.


  • Two-year degree in hospitality, business administration, hotel and restaurant management, or a similar field from an approved university; no prior job experience is needed.

CORE WORK ACTIVITIES: Marriott International

Supporting Management of Front Desk Team

  • Exhibits honesty and integrity, advocates for wise financial and commercial decisions, and sets an example for others by using interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Collaborates with team members to foster and increase mutual respect, trust, and cooperation.
  • Manages and oversees staff. overseeing every daily activity. having sufficient knowledge of employees’ roles to carry out tasks while they are not there.
  • Makes certain that all shifts include employee appreciation.
  • Creates and preserves connections with staff members that are transparent and cooperative.

Monitoring and Supporting Progress Toward Guest Services and Front Desk Goals

  • manages daily operations, making sure that standards are met, quality is maintained, and customer expectations are met.
  • creates detailed plans and goals to help you prioritise, arrange, and complete your task.
  • handles complaints, resolves disagreements, handles complaints, and engages in other forms of negotiation with others.
  • aims to enhance the performance of services.
  • works together with the front office manager to find ways to enhance departmental service on a constant basis.
  • conveys the Front Office’s objectives in a clear and consistent manner in order to get the intended outcomes.
  • takes part in the creation and execution of remedial action plans that are based on the analysis of guest satisfaction surveys and comment card reviews.
  • places a strong emphasis on visitor satisfaction and continual improvement at all departmental meetings.

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Ensuring Exceptional Customer Service

  • provides services that go above and beyond to keep and satisfy customers.
  • enhances service through dialogue, helping staff members comprehend the needs of guests, and offering direction, criticism, and one-on-one coaching as required.
  • provides a good example of appropriate behaviour to follow.
  • provides a good model for how to interact with guests.
  • has exceptional hospitality abilities.
  • gives workers the tools they need to deliver superior customer service.
  • Engages with clients frequently to get input on product quality, degree of service, and general contentment.
  • gives staff feedback based on observations of their service-related behaviours.
  • properly addresses issues and grievances from visitors.
  • Engages with visitors to get their opinions on the calibre of the goods and services provided.

Managing Projects and Policies

  • carries out, communicating and monitoring the customer recognition/service programme.
  • Verifies that all Front Office rules, standards, and procedures are being followed.
  • Ensures compliance with all credit rules and procedures to minimise non-performing loans and refunds.

Additional Responsibilities: Marriott International

  • Informs coworkers and managers via the phone, in writing, by email, or in person.
  • analyses data and assesses findings to determine the best course of action and resolve issues.
  • promptly provides pertinent information to and/or informs peers, executives, and subordinates.
  • fills in for the Front Office Manager while they are not present.
  • transmits important information to the front office workers from pre- and post-convention meetings.
  • attends departmental meetings and participates.

Marriott International is an employer committed to equal opportunity. We support maintaining an inclusive, people-first culture and recruiting a diverse staff. We are dedicated to upholding the law’s prohibition on discrimination on any protected ground, including veteran status and handicap, as well as any other basis.

Courtyard are committed to meeting the demands of tourists from all over the world. That’s what motivated us to build the first hotel in the world exclusively for business travellers, and the reason the Courtyard experience today enables our visitors to feel empowered regardless of their travel itinerary. We are seeking high achievers that love having fun while learning how to continually improve, are enthusiastic about giving guests an exceptional experience, and like working in a small yet ambitious team.

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